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December 09, 2008


That chart is dead on.

I was channeling my inner Kevin Kearse while I was writing it.

PS- This site tracks down websites where the word "retard" is used and calls them out. I said, "fall head over heels in retard love." I feel like a bad person.


i don't get it

why would "you took your birth control today, right?"
be under love, that should be under lust.

because we people are in love they don't take birth control, they make love to have children.

and when in lust, they wouldn't want a family, so they WOULD take birth control. (instead of talking about how cute their children would be together)

...because when*** people are....

Jen, Jen, Jen... First of all, please never write "make love" ever again on my blog. That phrase triggers an uncontrollable vomit reflex.

I'm gonna guess that you're about 16, down with Jesus, and have never had a real boyfriend. It's very sweet.

Buuuuut, god damn, get ready for an open handed slap in the head from reality someday.

This isn't about birth control, love, lust, or even families. This is about the facts of life. Many of which you have yet to learn.

Please come back to this blog and repost in a few years. Let's see if you have the same point of view. I honestly kinda hope you do. The world could use a few less cynics.

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