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May 23, 2008


I will give you a haircut that kicks any haircuts ass and their dad's ass. And I will do it for free!

Thanks buddy. I'd cut stripes on the side of your head anyday.

Shorty's on Fairfax. I get my haircut every six weeks (it is a sick addiction, and I can't stop no matter how hard I try). At this point I have probably had my haircut by 20 people in the LA area, and Shorty's always gets it right. It's somewhere between Super Cuts and a fancy salon as far as decor, price, and "attitude."

Dope. Thanks. Shorty's gots nexties.

Haven't you had a haircut similar to the one you posted? Okay may it didn't have the business in the front party in the back look but it was similar!!! Sorry about your haircut, that sucks!

The haircut I got looks like the one in the picture, only reversed and without the stripes.

what an asshole

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