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May 30, 2008


FIRST RESPONSE!!! I'm so happy! Here it is, from someone named Laura:

How can one not nominate this for the "Best Of"......

OMG - my face still hurts from laughing....

That'll teach ya. I know your Mom taught you to never drag a cat home - now didn't she????



Another response!!! Here it is:


Black cats are good luck in the craft. If I had a place for him, I would take him. Get him fixed and keep him. You will see your luck change if you keep him. The only reason he is acting like this is because he is not fixed. This is not only a black cat thing.

Cats in general like to have their presence know. If you want to talk about him (310) 415-6732.


3rd response:

Hi, Jason,

I collect old lost and found ads, and posted sign listings. I am going to check through my collection, for you, to see if anything matched your cat. Do you have another email I can contact you at (since this listing will expire) (or, a phone) if I find anything.
Does he, perhaps, have a microchip?

Sorry he's such a problem, but thank you, so much, for posting him (do be careful, though, and really check out anyone who might try to claim him - or, just, say, "I'll take him", as, any black cat, and, especially yours, due to your description, would, thus, be "fair game" for some satanist, who could get him to use for a sacrificial ritual!

Thanks, again, for trying to help him...


Oh. My. God.

This is genius and the responses are hilarious.

This one was left by my friend Meghan. But I'm reposting it here because she's totally right about me being funny. Juuuuuuusssst kidding.

This is so funny for so many reasons. i like how you keep referring to him as Sharpie, the endearing petname you gave him even though he's made you fear for your life. and the "You guys" in the 2nd sentence. and the sidewalk chalk. HAAAAAA

Another?! Who are these people?

Jason, you've got quite an imagination. :)

Cats will terrorize your house when they play, especially when they're young. That's why all cat owners have a scratching post for them to take it out on instead of the future. And for some cats, when they're new 'in town' they WILL spray/mark their territory, especially when they're a bit nervous. Siamese tend to do this a lot. Well, and messing up your chalk painting... I don't know. Maybe he was trying to give it a finishing touch?? :)

Good luck w finding the owner.

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